Started by current Chief Science Officer Robert Bogden, Amplicon has been a collaborator in the biotech industry for over 24 years, working on projects from manufacturing high-quality gDNA BAC Libraries to molecular biology cloning services. With partners around the globe, Amplicon’s team of dedicated scientists have a focus on delivering accurate and reliable science to all its customers and clients. Using all its industry connections and experience, Amplicon is now delivering COVID-19 IgG/IgM test kits to our customers cheaply, quickly, and reliably. 


Working with Amplicon has many benefits backed by 24 years of industry experience.

Independently Verified 

All the test kits we carry have been independently verified to ensure they match manufacturer claims. This is especially important because there are many fake and inaccurate tests on the market. The FDA recently banned many antibody tests making this practice more important than ever.

Manufacturer Connections

Our deep connections in the biotech space allow us to pass on several benefits to our customers. Because we are so close to our manufacturers, we are able to deliver test kits with minimal markups. This close contact also allows us to track exactly how many test kits are being delivered and only sell the inventory we know we have. This eliminates long waits for tests that have been ordered but are stuck in logistic limbo.

Customer Guarantees

In spite of the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, Amplicon pledges to bring our customers:

  • New testing systems as soon as they become verified and available.
  • Lower pricing as soon as it becomes available.
  • Personalized support from real human beings
  • Payment plans like escrow systems that work for you

If you are ready to get your COVID-19 test kits, want to develop a back to work testing plan, or have any general questions about testing products, contact Amplicon directly at (509) 339-7075 or check out our BUY NOW page to get started.